Canada’s first ‘Geek Breakfast’ in our very own #HamOnt

On Saturday, March 2nd, 2013, Hamilton held Canada’s first Geek Breakfast at Williams Fresh Cafe on the Hamilton waterfront.

Photo by Adam Carter

McMaster University continuing education instructor Jared Lenover speaks with some of his students at Hamilton’s first Geek Breakfast. (Adam Carter/CBC) –

What’s a Geek Breakfast?

Aside from AWESOME, a Geek Breakfast is a “Community-Driven Breakfast for Technology-Minded People Each month attendees congregate over bacon, eggs and plenty of coffee to discuss topics like social media, digital marketing, design, programming, and ways to better their communities” –

Want to take part of the next Hamilton Geek Breakfast?  Don’t be shy and ‘Like’ their Facebook page to stay up-to-date with upcoming Geek Breakfast events in Hamilton.

What does one do at a Geek Breakfast?

Well, you see a lot of great people in your community, in this case, Hamilton, Ontario.  If you’re following all the top tweeters for the Hamilton area, you will likely see them there, almost celebrity like. You get the opportunity to introduce yourself as a person and not just @InsertHandleHere.

I was fortunate enough to meet some great people, some from Twitter, some from the Social Media Research and Techniques class as well as some new people.  Mind you, I’m a chatty gal, and I have to admit, I was shy at first, but there is nothing to be shy about!

Social Media?  I think so!

I don’t think there was a soul there without some kind of mobile device.  Laptops, tablets, smart phones, cell phones, you name it.  Everyone had a device of some sort to tweet out and share the great events of the day.  Connections were made and kept, it was a really great day for the use of social media.

Sign me up again!

Geek Breakfast

I would definitely go to this event again and suggest you also give it a shot.  The only thing I would suggest is putting up a sign, us first-timers missed out because we weren’t sure where to meet.  Although the next time, I will likely keep an eye out for the #HamOnt Twitter celebrities:)!  It’s a lovely feeling to be around kind people with the same interests and have great discussions.

Geek, signing off,


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