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Mmmm #Doughnut? Oh what can it be, #BSMRCCE?

DISCLAIMER: This is a post for my class, Building Social Media Relationships at The Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University.  This doughnut was free and this review was requested!

Note: Yes, that is my favourite clip!

You ever notice how our favourite shows make food taste even better.  Such as the beloved Homer Simpson of The Simpsons.

Homer Simpson – Wikipedia

doughnutSo, why am I writing about Homer Simpson?

When I think of doughnuts, I think of Homer Simpson!

Our teacher Jarod, just gave us a FREE doughnut.  We have to review said doughnut.  I happen to choose a blueberry fritter… which, if you didn’t know, its one of the yummiest doughnuts around ;)!

We also got a honey cruller Timbit, which are also lovely…

I, digress… Do you know why we got these doughnuts?

I do





You ever have so much to do, eventually you need or want to just write it down?  Well here are a few items on my list, off the top of my head, for anticipated items to do over the next week or two.


  • Irish Car Bomb Cheesecake
    • Create shopping list, style of cake and distribution
  • Cupcakes
  • Geek Food
  • Monday Class Treats


  • Latest in social media
  • Read text book up to chapter 4
  • Fellow classmate blogs
  • Book for book report


  • Write daily blog posts
  • Write on particular post on sushi and social media
  • Write blog posts on aforementioned baked goods
  • Write book report, due March 18
  • Comment on classmate blogs
  • Tweet

Geek Out

  • Prepare for Toronto ComiCon
    • Geek Recipes
    • Geek Food
    • Geek News
    • Geek Items
    • Geek Chic

Have I forgotten something?  Do you share most of these tasks?

Stay Tuned,

What I want to Accomplish with my Blog – A True Story

This blog is based on a true story

This week, our teacher Jared, asked us to write a post on what we want to accomplish with our blogs.

Good question… What DO I want to accomplish?  At first, I thought, this is going to be a great class, enjoyable, lots of communication and keeping it light.  Although, it most certainly is all of the above, we really should put a bit of thought into our blog.

I dream of Food Network

The first part of the question was, ‘what would a dream accomplishment be’?

Well, I have to say, if any dream can come true, let’s dream a proper dream, shall we?  I would LOVE to be on Food Network (Canada, U.S. or UK, I don’t discriminate :)).

Secondly, writing a book wouldn’t be too bad!


The second part of the question was ‘what would a realistic accomplishment be’?

I’d like to think I’m pretty simple. If you enjoy my writing, humour, pictures and recipes; that makes me very happy.  I am happy to reply to questions, share recipes and make people smile.  Simple.  This blog gives me an opportunity to explore my creativity and share my passion with everyone.

Mission Accomplished?

How do I know when I’ve reached my goal?  The realistic goals.  Well, I feel that if people are liking, commenting and sharing my posts, it’s a good amount of accomplishment.  You know people can see your blog, reading it and enjoying it.

I don’t plan on changing the world with this blog, but I am most humbled to have readers add my recipe choices to their recipe arsenal and daily reads.

Stay tuned next time for Monday’s class treat (and recipe).


First Post Assignment – BSMRCCE

Write a 300 word post on your blog…

This is how our assignment starts… You think to yourself, ok, cool, 300 words doesn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised how many times you’ll edit your post to fit the count.

What this course is aboutImage brought to you by McGill Blogs

I am currently enrolled in Building Social Media Relationships (462-011) at the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University.  Throughout this course, we will learn to explore the theoretical aspects and practical applications of social media tools including blogs, wikis and social media websites to engage new audiences and build relationships.

Notice: Work hard, Sleep Hard ;)! –>

Why I chose to take this course

I am a big fan of social media.  I am on multiple platforms and I am always up for trying and learning new and upcoming social media sites and technology.  I am hoping to improve my presence online also; be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  I feel that being in this time and age as well as being a public relations student, my interaction could be increased.

What I want to accomplish in this class

  • Increase my interaction online through the social networks I am affiliated with
  • Work on my research in regards to users of different social media platforms
  • Improve my grammar and spelling… Always room for improvement

Questions=3 – About=Social Media – To be answered=14 Weeks

Three questions I would like answered by the end of the semester are:

  1. Why do social networks die off?
  2. Why don’t we have more social network company offices (i.e.Twitter, Facebook) in Canada?
  3. Will forums (a very social platform at one point) ever have the same popularity as they once did?

I have a question…

What social media sites are you on and why?

Really looking forward to hearing from you!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the first recipe I bring to class!



McMaster University, Centre for Continuing Education

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